There is nothing the beats the smell at this time of year lingering in the garden as these beautiful little bell flowers start to grow. The favourite of weddings and first communions. Also known as the May lily, it means "return to happiness" and most often symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility. Its meaning and symbolism are represented in Christian lore and folklore, on May Day, weddings and birthdays, and in various celebrations throughout the world.
The idea for this started with making a series of prints suitable for cards. This plate will be altered to add a blank area for a message close to the roots. 
There is a good chance that this is the start of a series. I find the carving process very meditative. I go slow and probably don’t sharpen my tools enough but I find it very soothing. I have yet to decide which type of Lino I prefer. If it is too soft it doesn’t give you as much detail. 
I have come to really like using the Caligo safe wash relief ink for printing on paper as well as fabric. It has proven to be the most colour-fast on textiles out of the various inks that I have tried. It also has a longer open time so it doesn’t dry on the roller before I have time to use up the ink.

I only ran a short edition of 5 prints on bright white Japanese paper. The 5 x 7 size fits perfectly into a standard frame. I am excited to see where this print goes from here. I would like to try it in some different colours.  

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